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2018-03-21 - Swiftec
Easter release is already here! read more
2018-02-20 - Swiftec
New update! New features and improvements! Better coverage! read more
2017-11-22 - Swiftec - BLACK FRIDAY RELEASE
Discounts and New solutions! Ford with Siemens SID211, DAF with Bosch EAS and VAG with Delphi DCM6.2! read more
2017-10-10 - Checksum update!
Checksum "Siemens HDI" v1.4 read more
2017-10-10 - Swiftec
New update, new features! read more
2017-09-18 - Swiftec
End of Summer update! Again NEW UNIQUE solutions and wider coverage for previous ones! read more
Arkadiusz :
"Swiftec is the best user friendly chiptuning program available. It offers you more functions than other programs. DPF off. OBD tuning protection. The database with projects is awesome. Everything made in a very intuitive way. Support is very fast."
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is Swiftec?
Swiftec is a powerful editing software capable of work with any modern ECU data.
Product: Swiftec
2. How will I find the needed maps for tuning?
Swiftec unique system of .map files allow users to download map pack from our server and "see" most important maps contained inside a ECU.
Product: Swiftec
3. If even using this map files I don't feel confident modifying/uploading modified file to ECU
Swiftec provides help from 9h30-18h. This means we can analise Your file and guide You in tuning process.
Product: Swiftec
4. How is this help provided?
VCPowerTeam works constantly via MSN, SKYPE, E-mail and Phone support. Contacting us is never a problem.
Product: Swiftec
5. If I've downloaded file from ECU but I don't see .map file available in VCPowerTeam server?
VCPowerTeam can immediately create corresponding map file and upload to server making it possible to be used with Your new file.
Product: Swiftec
6. Is there any extra costs for the Swiftec user?
Apart from the annual fee that allows users to have technical support, map files, software upgrades nothing else will be charged.
Product: Swiftec
7. How often are upgrades being done?
Almost constantly. Swiftec doesn't stop ever. By including newer modules more upgrades are needed DPF off upgrades,OBD reading protection, Map manager features, Newer automatic map naming supported ecus are constantly being added, automatic map finding and many other things don't let us stop.
Product: Swiftec
8. Can I use/install Swiftec in different PCs or I need always to use the same?
Swiftec can be installed in as many your company PCs as You want follow conditions of License Agreement. But Swiftec can be only used directly on PC where dongle connected at the moment. Installation Swiftec on PC/Server and use it via remote tools - PROHIBITED and may cause revoking of License with no refund!
Product: Swiftec
9. There are some features that I think Swiftec should have, what shell I do?
Simply explain what You would like to have on Swiftec and we can create it for You. Actually many of the actual features were suggested by costumers.
Product: Swiftec
10. How much time will it take to receive support or map file?
Answer on your request depends of different conditions, as support priority and queue inside same level of priorities. FULL PACK customers have highest priority and answer can take up to 4 working hours, STANDARD PACK customers have middle level of priority and it can take up to 8 working hours, BASIC PACK customers have lowest level of priority and can take up to 12 working hours to be answered.
Product: Swiftec
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